Commercial Property Trust
Levels 7, 8 & 9, 1 - 7 Bayswater Rd
Kings Cross NSW 2011
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This property accommodates a Fitness First gym in the prime location of Kings Cross, which is a city fringe location of Sydney just 1.6 kms from the CBD.  Located between the Sydney CBD and the busy Eastern Suburbs, Kings Cross / Potts Point is a high density commercial residential area appealing to the younger, wealthier population.

The tenant is Fitness First Australia Pty Limited which is part of a world wide fitness group with 1.4 milliion members.  The group currently has 93 gyms in Australia and Kings Cross is one of the busiest branches.  There are 548 branches worldwide.

Fitness First Australia Pty Limited

Units in the Trust can be traded at any time without the payment of stamp duty.


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